Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy Weekend my bloggy gals!

Wow! What a great SaturMEday!

The day started a bit iffy
It was a dreary 40 degree morning
not a glimmer of sunshine to be seen

My husband, you remember the "taste tester"
surprised me with a trip to my fave
Cracker Barrel for breakfast

The day was looking up already!
Since I had missed my last Saturday BC mission

I knew I had to step it up this week

In true BC Club fashion

I sported a pair of shoes with ruffles
(I'm sure Sarah would approve)

Browsing is a must for me at CB

I sniffed and sampled
a few of these little lovelies

Mmm...sweet honey

This had a light scent with a hint of floral

I love avocado and this didn't disappoint

Lemony fresh

They have a new beachy/lake cottage section
which was a must see for me as well

Here are a few of my faves

It's a water fountain!

Glass canister set decked out with beachy type lids
 By afternoon the sun was shining
and temps were hovering close to 70!

So the "taste tester" and myself
had a chat on the porch
in our CB rockers
(that I've posted about before)

Missed the post? Check it out HERE

We had a fabulous dinner in which we both
(My muffin top is growing...more on that later)

I ended my evening by taking my fur babies
on their first walk of the season
We hit our regular trail
(I've posted about it before)
so they could sniff out
all that they missed over the winter

Missed the post? Check it out HERE

  We were so full from dinner that we asked the waiter
not to even mention the "D" word

The waiter found this amusing
but clearly knew what the "D" stood for
and delivered the check instead

A few hours later a twinge
of a sweetness craving struck me
so I enjoyed a double chocolate pie
jello pudding with some
whipped creme
on top!

Wow! What a great SaturMEday!

Mission 2 & 3 accomplished!

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