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Dough Cupcakes

What's for dinner...

Veggie Chili

It’s one of my kid’s favorites!

You can really use any fresh veggies of your choice.
Our favorites…yellow and orange peppers along with zucchini and yellow squash

If you really want a fresh meal you can use fresh tomatoes, onions, and spices
 But for a quicker version…I use some good 'ole cans and jars!

My kids (and myself too) love to add a couple other things to the chili…
elbow macaroni and top it off with some shredded parmesan cheese.
To keep the meal on the healthy side...
I chose to make whole wheat macaroni and use light cheese.

Mmmm….good. Especially on a cool fall day! Enjoy!

Happy cooking and eating too!

My friends, I wish you enough!


What's for dinner...

How about Tortellini Soup and a Meatball Sandwhich
...sounded good to my husband.

Baked the meatballs in the oven

 The final product...a great sauce with peppers,
onions and a little provolone...mmmm...good

Now for the soup...cooked onions and peppers in some olive oil

Diced zuchinni

The finshed product

Soup for everyone!

Happy cooking and eating too!

My friends, I wish you enough!



I found this great website called Tastebook. Last Christmas I made Cookbooks for my family.
You have the ability to choose your own book design, add your recipes and even add pictures.
There is plenty of room for expansion and you can even purchase additional pages that your
cookbook recipient can go online and make new recipes to have printed and placed in their
cookbook. Check it out! Tastebook

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